Nepal Evacuations


Following the devastating impacts of the Nepal earthquake, AVMIN was tasked with the evacuation of a large group of stranded Australians from the disaster zone. Our AVMIN team were on the first available flight to Malaysia, and worked around the clock to ensure that all phases of the evacuation flight ran smoothly and successfully. Arrival into Nepal proved to be challenging, with a mass military aircraft presence, our aircraft was placed into a holding pattern until an aircraft parking bay became available. This almost resulted in us diverting back to Malaysia. Fortunately, space became available and our AVMIN team touched down at 21:30, and shortly after, boarding our Aussies to begin their journey home. All of the passengers were monitored by First aid Medical officers on board the aircraft and were given a hot meal before some much needed rest.

Our thoughts are with the families and friends affected by this tragedy. You can donate to the rescue and rebuilding in Nepal Here.