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Jetbidders is a unique charter request and bid management platform. The AVMIN team will set up a tailored bidding portal for you or your business to submit details for a charter that you need pricing on.

Each request is turned into a ‘mini-tender’ and released to a group of more than 1000 safety-approved charter operators.

Operators then bid on your request within a specified time frame. All bids display live and outline aircraft type, number of seats, flight time and price.

Confirming the charter is as simple as a click of a button.
Our industry-exclusive technology is fast, easy to use and streamlines the charter request and bid management process, making it easier for customers and operators to manage passenger details, luggage, itineraries and changes.

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The AVMIN Travel Tool (ATT) is a purpose built program creating a solution for travel and charter management – primarily the fly-in-fly-out industry. On the surface, the ATT is a refreshingly simple and easy to use tool with ability to monitor and manage a staff database, text or email staff members, book passengers on flights and see live, how many seats remain on each charter.

Exploring ATT’s features exposes a much more advanced system with real time passenger check in, staff assignment to certain roster patterns, contracting companies and campsites plus much, much more.

AVMIN currently have this system rolled out to many of their clients and to put it simply, this system is a Travel Managers dream!

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MateCheck is an award winning health and well-being check technology that monitors a workers well-being and provides confidential support services at the click of a button. Designed and built by AVMIN, the technology takes users through a series of quick questions to rate themselves on levels of anxiety, stress, depression and well-being.

Staff then have anonymous, direct access to support services through the tool if they require. The tool allows for employers to gain feedback on the general well- being of a workplace against the four assessment categories.

Already in its short time, MateCheck has contributed to improved workplaces & workforces as well as allowed well over 100 staff to start the conversation.

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