AVMIN is proud to offer a range of fly-in-fly-out services to the mining and construction industries. We streamline the transportation of a FIFO mining workforce in a cost effective and timely manner. AVMIN operates with a safety first philosophy, aligning with broader industry safety standards (BARS/WHYVERN etc.) and practices.

With staff retention a key focus to FIFO mining and construction companies, AVMIN provides a fly-in-fly-out solution that avoids unnecessary travel time and allows the worker to maximise time at site or with their family.

Mine Workers

Our mining sector services include:

  • Dedicated FIFO mining charter aircraft
  • Experienced FIFO crew and logistics management
  • Combined air, land & camp logistics management
  • Remote runway approvals, construction/upgrade and airport management
  • Private departure and arrival terminals
  • Highest Safety and management standards

We understand that requirements are unique in these industries and we work closely with you to develop a FIFO program to suit your business and match the available solutions against your cost objectives and rosters. Our FIFO charter services include small and large turboprop aircraft and larger commercial airliners.

AVMIN is the first aviation service provider to achieve the Flight Safety recognised standard, specifically operating to the stringent OGP standards

AVMIN Travel Tool

A simple user friendly real-time web-based staff travel and communication tool to easily manage entire FIFO workforces’ charter, bus or campsite bookings.

Airport Management

In addition to airport management, AVMIN offers consultancy and analysis around cost saving potentials with current airports or feasibility studies into upgrades or construction.


An award winning Health and wellbeing solution targeted at monitoring workforce moods and trends whilst allowing staff to anonymously contact assistance organisations.

FIFO Travel Club

In partnership with the Flight Centre Travel Group – AVMIN can offer your staff tailored getaway packages specific to your workforces roster swing patterns.

Get started and organise your FIFO charters with AVMIN, contact us to talk to one of our Charter Managers and start saving